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For all that I sometimes dislike living in a wee city (I mean comparatively with US cities and all that), I love that it means that certain folk I know crop up in different circles at different points in my life. Like, someone who I attend a game jam with turns out to be pals with my boyfriend; someone who was my former-flatmate’s gamemaster in uni five years ago turns out to be on one of my besties’ dweeb lists; one of my co-workers in a previous job turned out to have worked in the shop across the street from me in the town i grew up in 32 miles away; four years ago i nabbed a dude’s twix at a concert, and then half a year later we dated, and the girlfriend of the woman i went to that concert with has writing in a zine I got last year. 

But there’s something inherently distasteful and tone-deaf in rhapsodizing about how wearing ordinary, cheap clothes—the kind of clothes worn by people who are often financially excluded from wearing anything else—is some grand, noble statement about “absolving oneself from fashion, ‘lest it mark you as a mindless sheep.’” I find it hard to imagine that these Manhattan art-scene “normcore” kids weren’t scoffing at corny Teva-clad tourists the day before yesterday…Oh, the clothes of the simple people—they’re so refreshingly uncontrived. As long as we’re wearing them.

Fashion’s ‘Normcore’ Trend Is Basically Brian Krakow Cosplay (via featherframe)

Im seeing more and more of this word “normcore”

What is going on

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It’s a new fashion trend. It consists of dressing like, uhm, normal people, as in jeans and windbreakers and bumbags. Your average middle-aged person.

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Thats not even normal tho, thats weird

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normcore sounds like the fashion equivalent of a straight pride parade

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Male gaze is an interesting topic to discuss in the medium of games, because video games in particular have borrowed a number of techniques, concepts and vocabulary from film that make it ripe for exploration – the most obvious of these are Quantic Dream’s games Fahrenheit/Indigo ProphecyHeavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls, but really, any game with characters moving around a scene and followed by a camera will inevitably borrow filmic techniques. And, as the concept of “male gaze” has similarly been applied to other non-film media, so to can we discuss the theory with regards to concepts unique to (or most prevalent in) games.

For this month’s Queer Mechanic, we’re going to take a look at ways of toying with, subverting, destabilising and queering the concept of the straight male gaze. So let’s jump right in!

The next edition of Queer Mechanic, my queer game design feature series over on GayGamer.Net, is now live! This month we’re talking about the male gaze; how easy is it to subvert in the context of games? What can we do to queer it?

You can read the full article over on!



Melissa Farley FOR the motion that “It’s Wrong To Pay For Sex” , - Intelligence Squared Debates

so I’m at a crossroads when it comes to understanding some stuff about women & the sex industry, and I’m wondering if the folk who follow me who’re a bit more wise to it can maybe help out.

it seems like there are two camps when it comes to folk discussing the sex industry (i.e., sex work of any kind, commercial porn, etc) - those that believe that it’s inherently negative and should be abolished, and those that believe it’s not inherently negative and calls for abolition are more damaging than useful

recently there was a twitter trending topic called #NotYourRescueProject where sex workers spoke out against people equating sex work with sex trafficking, discussing sex workers as people who needed rescuing without the movement being led by sex workers themselves, and also raising awareness of whorephobia; some of the articles that came a a result of that can be found here:

Additionally, there are sex workers here on tumblr like jobhaver who frequently speak out against anti-sex worker and anti-porn stances, because due to the stigmatisation of trans women in particular, sex work and porn is a means by which to earn money which, if uncritically taken apart by abolitionists without also ending transphobia, leaves them with little other safe options for work

so I’m wondering if I’ve misunderstood one or both of these stances, because as it stands, while the idea of attaching a stigma to paying for sex work seems like a way to end sex work, doesn’t that also make it harder for sex workers to find work? and as such, wouldn’t a better idea be to tackle poverty itself, rather than something that is a consequence of poverty? cause idk, otherwise it seems like another liberal white-savior idea. 

You should follow your instincts. If sex workers are saying one thing and non-sex-workers are saying another, the people with actual lived experience should be the voices you’re listening to.

Also, stigmatizing sex work will not put a stop to it. There is already a stigma attached to paying for sex work (at least in the US); very little of that attaches in any real way to the johns, most of it ends up on the workers. Any further stigma would do the same thing. There’s also stigma attached to being a rapist, for all that helps. The fact is that people with a lot of social power/privilege can ignore or deflect stigma pretty easily. If they want to do it, they can make it something ‘everybody does’, even if it’s ‘not politically correct’ to talk about it. There goes the stigma.

It’s difficult to know what to think, because obviously there are folk involved in sex work who want to leave but can’t because of a myriad of issues (financial, education, etc), and others who enjoy being involved in sex work and fight for decriminalisation, unionisation and equal rights, and every shade along the spectrum between them. But most of the stuff that comes across my dash are gifsets calling for people to stop paying sex workers and porn actors or abolish the industry altogether - while at the same time rarely discussing how that helps the people involved with sex work who will be no more safe, financially stable or employable if the industry is somehow abolished and will be forced even further underground than they already are.

idk, it seems like its based on that simplified idea of boycotting/”voting with your wallet”, where ppl go “Don’t buy their product/services!” - if you do that with a corporation, they maybe take a hit to their income, but if you do that with a sex worker - who we’ve said above are often there because of poverty - then they just become more poor, and have to take work in riskier avenues. It seems like harm reduction is a far better alternative, where you a) support the people who want out of the industry, b) support the people who want better working conditions in the industry, and c) reduce the stigma around sex work itself so that men DON’T consider sex work “paid rape” and that sex workers “have to do what [they] want”, d) support sex workers fighting for legal rights, social awareness and the decriminalisation of sex work so that sex workers who experience abuse, rape, or trafficking can get help through the police, through the legal system, through public campaigning etc, without having to worry about being arrested, prosecuted, villainised, patronised or made targets of further abuse as a result of making themselves known.

but like i said, idk, I’m not sure if I’m on the right track or just being another blinkered man-dweeb who thinks he knows shit; so I’d really appreciate more input from folk x

(also this is 100% not a side-eye criticism of anyone or anything like that! pramus)


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Indie or hobbyist, if you’re a game developer with a Tumblr blog dedicated to your process and progress, reblog this!

You will be added to The Game Developer Network.

You can read about the network here.

If you have a Twitter you’d like linked, please include that in your reblog!

You can also be added to the directory by messaging me.

** Remember: This is only for game developers.

Basically, my reason for creating this is so that gamedevs on Tumblr can find fellow gamedevs. It’s kind of like an easy to navigate directory to find and connect with people who are also working on games.

Don’t be scared to ask or reblog! This is for all game developers on Tumblr! Really. Don’t feel lame. Help me help you~


Hi! I’m Pauli Kohberger aka madamluna. You may remember me from last year’s wildly successful Pulse Pounding Heart Stopping Dating Sim Jam, aka #pphsjam! I’ve had some interest in creating a new one, so I’ve been rolling around ideas in my head.

However, I’ve also been doing a lot of thinking about how rigorous the demands of “one weekend to produce a game” are. This kind of strict deadline puts a lot of pressure on everyone involved. Even if I say “oh, you can submit after the deadline!”, the psychological stress it creates is pretty notable, and compressing all this stuff into three days excludes a lot of people who may not have the strength, time, or circumstances to sit down and hammer things out in that time.

To solve this problem, I’ve been thinking of expanding the Dating Sim Jam into the entirety of April 2014 sometime not right after NaNoRenO, turning it into Dating Sim Month. I’ll remove the hard deadline, allow people to submit at any time during the month (and afterwards, too), and spend that time posting resources, tutorials, techniques, game and developer profiles? I would need some volunteers to make this work, but I’m sure I can find some :^)

If this gets the a-ok all around, I’ll make another post announcing it, calling for volunteers, etc. I’ve never organized a project on this scale before, but hey, I’ll do my best.

Please feel free to shoot me an ask, leave a reply, email me (madamluna24 at gmail dot com) or contact me on Twitter (@madamluna) to let me know what you think. If there’s anything I’ve overlooked or any other accommodations that need to be made, please let me know! I want this event to be as safe and inclusive as possible.

[Tangent: Eventually I may give this event a different name, because while dating sims are cool and I encourage people to interpret the genre as broadly as they want, I don’t like the idea of constraining this event “just” to dating sims, you know? One year is cool, two years is okay, but devoting so much time to one theme/genre might be doing ourselves a disservice. This is something I gotta think more on, though, so I won’t commit to it right away.]

A longer window for a game jam is an amazing idea! If it’s any help as a suggestion: Sophie Houlden hosted the 7-day Fishing Game Jam last year, where you could basically choose any seven days around a specific set of dates (May 20th-27th, plus or minus a week) in which to start developing your game, which I personally thought was brilliant (it meant you had more leeway if you had other things going on around the same time, but also meant you’d always find people doing the jam at any time). Hope it helps!

Do any folk familiar with Twine know if there’s a way (in-built, macros or whatever) where you can click a hyperlink in a given passage to change a variable, without that hyperlink taking you to a new passage?



The power of marketing! No, seriously, fuck data driven marketing, seriously, fuck it!

Wow, that is so screwed up.

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IndieGoGo is gonna be running a service next week where, if you host an IndieGoGo funding campaign for a project intended for women, they’ll match $1 for every $25 you make!

Just because I haven’t actually talked about what I’m up to recently:

  • I’m working on a game-based experiment for my university Honors Project, focusing on whether player engagement can be improved by adding in discrete mechanics to represent player-character personalities (which I will need volunteers for soon, so if you’re interested, shoot me a message)
  • I’m also working on WYCH ELM, a game about witches&queerness&scotland, in a reduced capacity til my hons project is complete (mid april)
  • I’m also also working on porting my website Hyp/Arc over to a Wiki, because I love wikis
  • I’m also also also doing a bunch of other wee things which will not get kicked into gear until mid-april as well, so keep an eye oot.

this has been ur mitch psa. thank you for shopping with mitch. <3



I play a very dangerous game

it’s not my fault people have the gall to make attractive OCs

>A> I get crushes.

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the slang men have made up to talk about sex and masturbation is truly bizarre sometimes

like who the fuck thought it was sexy to call it “busting a nut”

its properly harrowing when you realise how much of our (men’s) language for sex is based around physical violence & coercive domination, not even in a ~sexy dom w/ consent~ kinda way, even when we’re describing ourselves/our own roles in sex

its like we don’t even want to be thought of as sexy/sexual, we just want to have won at some contest of physical prowess, or at least “tore up”, “mashed” or “wrecked” the other person enough. like wtf, sex isn’t tekken, if anything it’s closer to a sensual massage for fucks sake



"Queer Brown Boy, Forever Alone"

The first poem I’ve ever written and performed and a particularly terrifying poem at that. Special thanks to everyone who read it and spoke true to it before this happened, to Erin for filming, and especially to Sam for encouragement and poetic space making. 

It occurred to me that this was not accessible without the transcript:

"I hate it
but I really love straight white cisgender dick.
For some reason
it’s the only dick I know how to love.
I love it so much that sometimes
it screws me into believing that the male gaze
might refer to the way I try to stare
through the barn door of paint stained blue jeans
as I wet dream of
stick shifting
and rough riding
on the long bed
of a huge, powerful white dick up truck.
I hate how much
I desire straight white cis men
who spill misogyny from cans of Lone Star
onto the bodies of women they barely know
to claim them as their own
like a dog pissing on a bush
like a football player pissing on his high school.
There’s something so sexy about what you know you can’t have:
the power of the straight white cis dick.

The power to make me violent naive,
to make me wish for
the trauma that no woman ever asked for.

I think to myself:
Tell my dirty secrets to your teammates in the locker room.
Cat calls would feel like erection.
Objectification would feel like ejaculation.
Let me blow you, I won’t tell anyone.
Just close your eyes and pretend I’m a girl.

I think to myself
how the FUCK is any of that what I think to myself.
I think
isn’t it amazing the way white heteropatriarchal colonization
gets away with murder
as he points a gun at me and she:
'Faggot either you kill her or I kill you.
Your choice.’

How many bullets have I sent into the hearts of women I love
because I didn’t have the courage, the knowledge, the desire
to take the bullet myself?
To wrestle for control of the gun?

I realize.

I love white dick
like the Philippines loved American imperialism;
Like I pledge allegiance to the fag;
Like the Chinese loved building the railroad
to their own American citizenship;
Like my Tita loves living in the United States
because if she ever tried to fly home to the arms of her sister
this country would never ever let her back in
to mine.

This poem is for the first boy I ever loved,
who was also the last brown boy I ever loved
who was also the last ‘straight’ boy I ever loved
who left me broken shattered scattered
like an archipelago in the Pacific
somewhere between the Asias and the Americas
volcanic and drowning
a hundred different dialects trying to explain away the pain
and the only language I can speak is English.

When I broke up with the last boy I ever loved
who was also the last white boy I will ever love
I tore the star spangled banner from my chest
and I am still waiting for the wound to heal.
I do not know if I ever knew the difference between love and oppression.
I do not know if I will ever learn.
But if I ever whisper, ‘I love you’ to anyone else
and if he whispers back ‘mahal kits,’
That love will not be pick up trucks,
not Lone Star
not locker room
not loaded gun
no war.
That love will be love.
Nothing more.”

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