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I'm Mitch, a game designer and student from Scotland. Howdy!

Most of my stuff will be about videogames and the games industry, but there's plenty other stuff over on my Tags page.

IndieGoGo is gonna be running a service next week where, if you host an IndieGoGo funding campaign for a project intended for women, they’ll match $1 for every $25 you make!

Just because I haven’t actually talked about what I’m up to recently:

  • I’m working on a game-based experiment for my university Honors Project, focusing on whether player engagement can be improved by adding in discrete mechanics to represent player-character personalities (which I will need volunteers for soon, so if you’re interested, shoot me a message)
  • I’m also working on WYCH ELM, a game about witches&queerness&scotland, in a reduced capacity til my hons project is complete (mid april)
  • I’m also also working on porting my website Hyp/Arc over to a Wiki, because I love wikis
  • I’m also also also doing a bunch of other wee things which will not get kicked into gear until mid-april as well, so keep an eye oot.

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I play a very dangerous game

it’s not my fault people have the gall to make attractive OCs

>A> I get crushes.

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the slang men have made up to talk about sex and masturbation is truly bizarre sometimes

like who the fuck thought it was sexy to call it “busting a nut”

its properly harrowing when you realise how much of our (men’s) language for sex is based around physical violence & coercive domination, not even in a ~sexy dom w/ consent~ kinda way, even when we’re describing ourselves/our own roles in sex

its like we don’t even want to be thought of as sexy/sexual, we just want to have won at some contest of physical prowess, or at least “tore up”, “mashed” or “wrecked” the other person enough. like wtf, sex isn’t tekken, if anything it’s closer to a sensual massage for fucks sake



"Queer Brown Boy, Forever Alone"

The first poem I’ve ever written and performed and a particularly terrifying poem at that. Special thanks to everyone who read it and spoke true to it before this happened, to Erin for filming, and especially to Sam for encouragement and poetic space making. 

It occurred to me that this was not accessible without the transcript:

"I hate it
but I really love straight white cisgender dick.
For some reason
it’s the only dick I know how to love.
I love it so much that sometimes
it screws me into believing that the male gaze
might refer to the way I try to stare
through the barn door of paint stained blue jeans
as I wet dream of
stick shifting
and rough riding
on the long bed
of a huge, powerful white dick up truck.
I hate how much
I desire straight white cis men
who spill misogyny from cans of Lone Star
onto the bodies of women they barely know
to claim them as their own
like a dog pissing on a bush
like a football player pissing on his high school.
There’s something so sexy about what you know you can’t have:
the power of the straight white cis dick.

The power to make me violent naive,
to make me wish for
the trauma that no woman ever asked for.

I think to myself:
Tell my dirty secrets to your teammates in the locker room.
Cat calls would feel like erection.
Objectification would feel like ejaculation.
Let me blow you, I won’t tell anyone.
Just close your eyes and pretend I’m a girl.

I think to myself
how the FUCK is any of that what I think to myself.
I think
isn’t it amazing the way white heteropatriarchal colonization
gets away with murder
as he points a gun at me and she:
'Faggot either you kill her or I kill you.
Your choice.’

How many bullets have I sent into the hearts of women I love
because I didn’t have the courage, the knowledge, the desire
to take the bullet myself?
To wrestle for control of the gun?

I realize.

I love white dick
like the Philippines loved American imperialism;
Like I pledge allegiance to the fag;
Like the Chinese loved building the railroad
to their own American citizenship;
Like my Tita loves living in the United States
because if she ever tried to fly home to the arms of her sister
this country would never ever let her back in
to mine.

This poem is for the first boy I ever loved,
who was also the last brown boy I ever loved
who was also the last ‘straight’ boy I ever loved
who left me broken shattered scattered
like an archipelago in the Pacific
somewhere between the Asias and the Americas
volcanic and drowning
a hundred different dialects trying to explain away the pain
and the only language I can speak is English.

When I broke up with the last boy I ever loved
who was also the last white boy I will ever love
I tore the star spangled banner from my chest
and I am still waiting for the wound to heal.
I do not know if I ever knew the difference between love and oppression.
I do not know if I will ever learn.
But if I ever whisper, ‘I love you’ to anyone else
and if he whispers back ‘mahal kits,’
That love will not be pick up trucks,
not Lone Star
not locker room
not loaded gun
no war.
That love will be love.
Nothing more.”

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guess who got the magazine collage bug again


i’ve seen a similar post b4 but Like. ppl who say things like kim k is only famous for her sex tape!!! act as if anyone who makes a sex tape can become kim kardashian/an Empire lol okay pal lmk when ur two star pornhub cellphone video of u giving ur gf unsatisfying dome gets u and ur whole family almost ten yrs of worldwide superstardom

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In LIM, I just got bullied by the other boxes so much that I was actually pushed out of the maze and spent the rest of the game walking around the outside, until i found another colorful box on the other side of the wall

which is a pretty apt metaphor for queerness if ever I saw one


48 Hours : Queers and Allies : Making games together

Creating media to spark unique conversations


What is it?

A game jam is a 48 hour event in which people develop games based on a certain unique theme. In this case, we’re developing games on queer experiences, however you define it. 

When is it?

Feb 28 - 7:00pm to Mar 2 - 7:00pm (CST)

We will announce the jam’s theme and submission instructions on Feb/28 at 7:00pm (CST)

How can I participate?

No matter what your skills are, you can make a game! Software like Twine and Game Maker allow people to become game developers regardless of programming knowledge and experience, helping to empower a new generation of developers. You can learn Twine, for example, in 10 minutes or less. Whether you want to develop a full-out game or just want to tell a story, anybody can get involved!

What can I develop?

We’re not strict on what defines a game here. You help add to that conversation! Whether you want to make a digital game, a board game, a street game, or something completely new, anything is accepted!

I want to do something now!

You can already get involved! We need a theme for our jam, so feel free to add in a theme using this form. Should we focus on identities, coming out stories, or have rainbows as our theme? Help us decide!

You can also sign up to participate here! Just leave a name and where you’re from. 

Be sure to follow this blog for additional updates on resources to get you started! Connect with us on Twitter and Tumblr with #queerjam2014

Send your questions to!


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Hyp/Arc: [SquareGo] Feature: Easter Egg Apocrypha

Myths – in either religious or urban flavours - tend to conform to a particular structure. If the myth requires the person to undertake any “ritual actions”, these actions will often either be particularly difficult to perform (“It only works on a night where there’s a second full moon in the same month….”), or it will be next to impossible to verify it the actions were even performed correctly (“If you draw the symbols even slightly wrong, it won’t work at all…”)

Mitch Alexander wrote a really good article on the subject of Easter eggs within video games - deliberate or otherwise - that often caused mass rumour or speculation to spring up in their wake. Over the last few days I’ve posted a few discussions he links, but doesn’t go into. Mainly cause they were interesting to me.

The whole topic of video game apocrypha, mythology, and urban legend is extremely interesting. Both from the standpoint of an outsider and as someone who experienced a bit of it themselves.

I remember a game, possibly Mega Man Legend 2, and there was a town where this one small section was partially submerged. Looked as though things had fallen into a sinkhole. There was a shack sticking up out of it with the water just high enough that you couldn’t descend the steps and open the door. For ages, this house you couldn’t enter drove me nuts because I kept thinking there must be some way to drain it and go inside.

Insofar as I know, no such thing was ever discovered, but it was one of several situations I found myself in with video games over the years. Another, more well known, example would be little energy pyramid you access in 1000 AD Guardia in Chrono Trigger. You can clearly see it in 600 AD but can’t reach it, and it’s present in 12000 BC, as well. I kept wondering if there was some way to get to it in a second time period to get the other treasure or a duplicate of the one I’d already gotten.

Honestly, if SquareGo didn’t have word-count policies, I’d’ve been going on about this stuff for a good few thousand words at least. I love the idea of secrets that developers have hidden away inside things, and players being able to uncover them years later.

When I was a kid, I used to get N64 magazine pretty regularly; a couple of years after the release of Banjo-Kazooie, I opened the magazine up to the cheats page, and found a breaking special on how two guys had apparently worked out a bunch of in-game cheat codes to let the player grab a bunch of secret objects in the game that ardent fans had found but couldn’t quite get to. The feeling I had reading that was properly like a revelation - but obviously, since I was like 12, it was a revelation about something massively nerdy.

I’d really like to make games that go some way to giving people that kind of sensation.


There’s a lot to talk about when it comes to Mitch Alexander’s The Loch: A Scottish Fishing RPG, but this is one picture I couldn’t wait for the review. I had to share it now.

I think it speaks for itself.



The Loch was created by Mitch Alexander, originally for a fishing-based game jam back in 2013. Afterwards, he continued to work on it for a few months, attempting to flesh out his vision further with some new characters, events, and such. More can be read on his blog post or check out the developer diary he kept. In fact, he added so much to the game that RPG Maker VX Lite's limitations kicked in and prevented him from doing more with it.

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Thank you so so much for the review! Knowing someone’s played - and enjoyed - one of my games is an amazing feeling. :) 

In all honesty, everything you’ve mentioned is spot-on - I can totally get how frustrating it can be when a game doesn’t provide in-game feedback with regards to if what you’re doing is possible, plausible, or what-have-you (e.g., the stuff with the Galasay Monument), and a lot of that is quite rightly down to things not making it into the game for various reasons. Workarounds were also a massive issue as well, hence things like the frustrating method of using the fishing line - I puzzled for ages trying to think up a simple one-button-press method of making it work, to no avail - most of my solutions ended up causing problems elsewhere. But hey, it’s a learning experience, and all that.

And speaking of experience - the experience and levelling system in The Loch is pretty broken, I think; I didn’t pay it much heed because it was easy enough to get through the game so long as you went home regularly (again, an intentional decision so people would eventually end up coming back to the Loch on different weekdays/during different weather). I’d recently finished playing thecatamites’ Space Funeral, which has an equally messed-up levelling/battle system but which didn’t detract from the game at all, which explains (if not excuses) how muddled it was in The Loch. 

One thing that I probably didn’t get across well - one of the other playable characters, Blair, is a genderqueer woman, because I figured there aren’t enough genderqueer playable characters in games (that I knew of, anyway). As far as I know, though, there’s only one or two mentions of female pronouns being applied to her (one’s by Chloe, I think, on days when Blair appears in Galasay), so it’s easily missed.

I’d definitely be up for making a Special Edition - in fact, one of my friends gifted me a copy of RPG Maker VX after playing the game, so it’s a possibility! Were a Special Edition to be made, I’d definitely end up including a lot of the things that didn’t make it into the final cut, like

  • More accessible islands in the Saor Firth
  • More fishing tackle
  • More lures
  • More fish
  • A calendar with scheduled events
  • A sidequest involving the Shadow Under the Lake
  • A sidequest involving the Drowning House
  • Finding out more about the Galasay Goat & what happened to the town
  • An expanded Underground section
  • An expanded Woods section
  • More ambient audio & music
  • Better, more expansive tutorials
  • More playable characters (I’d ideally like all the characters in the game to be playable, because I LOVE games with lots of characters)
  • And a short playable scenario with Stephen going to Loch Halley

So, maybe we’ll see more of Loch Saor in the future.

Thank you again for playing the game and the expansive review; it means so much to have someone spend time on something I’ve made! :D