Alexander of Caledon

I'm Mitch, a game designer and student from Scotland. Howdy!

Most of my stuff will be about videogames and the games industry, but there's plenty other stuff over on my Tags page.

The Loch: A Scottish Fishing RPG is my entry for the FishingJam that’s being held this week! You can check out my game over here, and see some of the other entries here!

Reasons why I think tumblrites may enjoy The Loch include:

  • an angular angler called Angela
  • multiple different types of fishing (angling, spear-fishing, hand-catching and trap fishing)
  • what may be the first deaf character in a videogame (although please correct me if I’ve overlooked someone)
  • a pretty expansive loch
  • a weird little house in the woods
  • the ability to wear fish
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