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I'm Mitch, a game designer and student from Scotland. Howdy!

Most of my stuff will be about videogames and the games industry, but there's plenty other stuff over on my Tags page.

Here’s a wee feature I wrote for on Penny Arcade’s Gabe/Mike Krahulik and the transphobic comments he made recently. Check it oot!

Why So Cis?

"The reason that Mike Krahulik’s comments yesterday weren’t okay though is because, regardless of whether it was as a result of a backfiring sarcasm-coping-mechanism, the comments Mike made are still very much part of a much bigger culture (that also permeates the games industry, community and subculture) where people who are trans* are already sidelined, marginalised, silenced and ignored across the board. Everyone knows and understands this, even if they haven’t really considered why that might be. We know people who are trans* don’t often make it to positions of power as disproportionally well as, say, cisgender men, and we even know that trans* people areat risk getting threatened, attacked or killed just because they’re trans* – and yet, we’re still in a position where cisgender people think it’s okay to just dismiss trans* people and their concerns. Today, it was by someone who claims to know how damaging it is to be silenced, which makes the sting that much more fresh.”

Read the rest of the article over at! »

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