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I'm Mitch, a game designer and student from Scotland. Howdy!

Most of my stuff will be about videogames and the games industry, but there's plenty other stuff over on my Tags page.

Keep Naomi in College!!!

Naomi Fambro is a woman (the only woman in her year, no less) earning her degree in Video Games Design over at Champlain College in Vermont, US, and she’s looking for some assistance with tuition fees (which are shockingly high across the water, apparently) as well as money for a computer (which is vital for videogame design!) She has an IndieGoGo page up here, with some incentives involving her work on children’s books, so if you’ve got some spare dosh, or if you can give this a wee signal boost, it’d be a massive help to Naomi!

(signal-boosting from

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